I always knew

I was meant for something big. 

I grew up in Sydney, Australia. Whilst I loved the lifestyle that it afforded. Curiosity for the 'big city smoke' got the better of me. It was no surprise, when I made the decision to move to London, age 22.  With nothing more than my boyfriend’s hand, a backpack and £1500 each to our names. I had a year off from my city law firm job and university degree. We had the plan and desire to travel and experience life. 


Seduced by the melting pot of cultures and buzz that was and is still very much London, my initial stay of 1 year turned into 7.

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I studied areas of interest, climbed the corporate ladder to impressive heights, travelled (a lot!), made life-long friends and got married.  

In 2009 we headed home to Sydney. Only my happily ever after wasn’t so happy. At the age of 29, I found myself beginning life again. 

Whilst dreaming, setting goals & living *BIG* had always been my thing. A divorce had never featured in that plan - something had clearly gone wrong!

I felt miffed, robbed and mortified.

How had this happened? And how would I start my life again at 29?

the rug had been swept clean out from under my feet and i came crashing down with a thud .... hitting rock bottom.

However, there can be great beauty in hitting rock bottom. Being robbed of all I knew, meant that I had to start again. I had to rebuild not only my life but myself. And so, that is exactly what I did. 

I moved back to London in the summer of 2010 and embarked on a year of saying “yes”. 

This was where I said “yes” to any and all invites. Both professional and social. 

This led to many wonderful and sometimes wacky scenarios. Which included quick and steep career progression (doubling my corporate salary in the process), climbing mountains, exploring the amazon (despite having a major fear of spiders), secret supper clubs, regattas and polo's. With it all being topped off by having Kylie Minogue sing Happy Birthday to me on my 30th! 

My year of saying “yes” taught me not only about life, but myself.

I realised how resilient I was. I realised the beauty of being imperfect. most importantly, i realised that having gone through what I had, I was no longer willing to settle for “second best” in anything.

I first looked at my relationships and let go off any old or toxic relationships which I had clung to during my twenties. Insecurity was no longer my friend. By letting go of this, I was able to let go of a lot of people. I felt lighter, more balanced and grounded as a result.

This process created space for new relationships as we cannot welcome in the new when we are still holding onto the old. With room in my life for new, I met my soulmate in London.  

I remember in 2011 writing a list of all of the things I wanted my next relationship to look and feel like. Within a year of being together, we had ticked off all of those things. In December 2015, we flew to New York City and eloped. The word perfect does not even come close.  

My health was next. So I took my love affair of health and wellbeing a step further and qualified as a Yoga teacher. I then complimented this with a health coaching certification. Clean and simple took on a whole new meaning in my life as a result.

The year spent studying something that I was passionate about unlocked something deep within me.

I  made the decision to no longer do a job because I was good at it or because it paid me well.  However, having hit the 6 figure income level at the age of 28. Making the transition not only took time but it took a lot of self-belief and perseverance. 

I knew that if I was going to change my corporate mindset to create a lifestyle and profitable business then I could not do this by myself.   

Despite having always been strong willed, motivated and driven I realised creating this change was bigger than me. So I hired somebody who had been there and created her own success story. 

In 2015, I made the decision to invest over 5 figures in my own Coach and embarked on a year long program. I was mentored and coached by a woman who had created a multi-seven figure business. Not only was this the largest investment I had made in myself .... 

it was the first time I had ever really said "yes" to myself. 

Within that year of being coached in and around my corporate job, I completed two internationally recognised coaching certifications. I created and started my online business from scratch and  left my corporate job after 15 years. Within the first 6 weeks of being full time in my business, I not only signed up 9 clients but replaced my monthly corporate income. Crushing my corporate mentality in the process.  

A lot can happen when you say "yes" to yourself. 

Today, I now work with soulful and driven women from all over the world. These women are looking for that missing piece in their life, that will allow them to start and create their own legacy. They are light shiners and they are on a mission.  They are looking to create a platform for their mission to be born into so that their   message can reach a far wider community, enriching their life in the process. 

If you are interested in working together then book in for a complimentary clarity call