The Biz Styler 


YOU are Soulful, Grounded & Driven  

YOU don’t just want to create a Business.

YOU want to create a Legacy. 

You have gifts and you have talent but you are not quite sure how to package these and get them out to the world.

You are looking to create a platform for your mission to be born into so that your message can reach a far wider community. Enriching both yours and your clients life in the process. 

  • You’re ready to step into a place where you attract your dream clients
  • You’re ready for clarity and to step into your zone of genius
  • You’re ready to be paid what your services are worth
  • You’re ready to delegate and bring on the right support
  • You’re ready to create not only a profitable business but a lifestyle that you love
  • You’re ready to create a thriving and loyal community
  • You’re ready to create a legacy that you can stand proudly behind

Getting a business off the ground is hard work. Getting a profitable business off the ground that also gives you the lifestyle that you desire is even harder - trust me! 

Hi, my name is Cindy Benbow. I am a Lifestyle & Business Coach for female entrepreneurs who are sick of 'spinning their wheels'. Month after month getting frustrating results.  

You are here because you want to create a business that will deliver both the legacy and the lifestyle.

Making it work is a non-negotiable for you, right? If so, you are my kind of woman. 


Rest assure you are in good company. 

I bring 15 years of corporate experience to your table. For 15 years I planned, strategized, organised and led teams. I got the nickname at 28 as the ‘6 figure problem solver’. Monthly targets and goals were my norm. However, when the challenges stopped so did my purpose and my drive.


I needed to feel connected to something bigger. I needed to bring my skills to a place where they could help others. I wanted to build and preserve relationships that really meant something to me.

I began by creating a lifestyle based business. However, as I did this, I realised something was missing. It was only through connecting to my own Why that I realised it wasn't just a business I was being driven to create. I was being driven to create a legacy. 


During my ascent into the coaching space I hired the best mentors in the industry. Over the course of 2.5 years I acquired 3 internationally recognised certifications, putting me in a place where I could confidently call myself an expert.

Today I continue to work with the best mentors so that I can be a better coach for my clients. If I am not growing and developing, how can I expect the same from my clients?   

are you being driven to create a legacy? what does it look like? Can you see it and feel it?

If not, that’s ok because that is why I created my 3 & 6 month Biz Styler Programs.    

The Biz Styler was created to help women just like you to:

  • Gain clarity on who you should be serving so that you can attract your dream clients from the get go
  • Identify and connect to your Why and bigger vision with certainity removing doubt and fear in the process
  • Identify your key strengths and skills known as your 'zone of genius' so that you can ensure you are of greatest service in the world
  • Develop a strong wealth consciousness so you can be paid your worth time and time again
  • Implement simple and effective marketing strategies that grow and nurture your following   
  • Implement systems and structures that free up your time and stops you from spinning those wheels
  • Create a work and life balance so no more burn out (yes it is possible!)
  • Create a loyal and engaged community turning raving fans into paid clients 
  • Create programs that not only serve but give back to your community building a legacy in the process
  • Become a go-to expert in your industry through authentic and daily action 
  • Create long and lasting relationships through the experience you create for your clients

WHEN we work together we will cover the following 6 core components:


  • We will begin with identifying and connecting to your ‘Why’
  • We will identify your key strengths
  • We look at who you should be serving in your business and through your mission
  • We will identify what makes you authentic and sets you apart from the crowd
  • We will design your business model so it reflects the lifestyle you wish to create


  • We will look at any self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back and keeping you stuck 
  • We will develop a healthy and manageable daily mindset practice 
  • We will identify and clear any money blocks 
  • We will look at how to soulfully sell your programs or services
  • We will look at your rates and align these to your services


  • We will work together so you can be clear on what type of leader you wish to be
  • We will look at how you can step into the role of a visionary and forward thinking leader
  • We will look at how you can position yourself as the go-to expert in your industry
  • We will look at how you can improve communication and leadership skills
  • We will look at how you can create and grow a lasting team even if you are just starting out 

marketing strategy

  • We identify a simply and clear marketing strategy that does not have you working 12 hour days
  • We get clear on what money making exercises you should be focusing on
  • We will get you taking action steps even when these feel imperfect so that you can keep the momentum going towards your goals
  • We look at delegating and how best to tap into resources around you even if you are still a solopreneur just starting out or still in your corporate role
  • We create a business model that is aligned to your goals and your Why


  • We look at time management to get you out of procrastination and back into action
  • We establish a self-care routine that supports you
  • We will discuss and implement business structures and systems that keep you out of burnout
  • We will look at incorporating daily or regular practices that allow for continued self-development
  • We look at which communities you can not only inspire but connect to for your growth and development


  • We look at relationship building skills so that your clients not only renew with you but that they go on to refer you to everyone they know
  • We look at how to create an active and lasting community by using social media platforms 
  • We look at how you can be giving straight back to your community, both online and in person
  • We look at establishing 3 month, 6 month and 12 month goals
  • We look at how you can create a ripple effect in your community and the lives of your clients.

This program is for you if:

  • You are ready to let go of overwhelm for good
  • You want to create a lasting legacy
  • You are ready to commit 100% to your business
  • You are ready to create success without the burnout
  • You want to create a lifestyle that you love 

This program is not for you if:

  • You are not ready to do the work
  • You are not willing to step out of you comfort zone
  • You are not willing do the mindset work
  • You don’t want to create a lasting legacy
  • You don’t really care that much about your business


3 months or 6 months 

Your 1-2-1 Private Coaching Program will include the following: 

3 Month Coaching Program

  • Welcome & Orientation Pack
  • A 90 minute deep dive intensive ahead of our first session to identify and map your lifestyle, financial & business goals for our time working together
  • 12, 60 minute Skype Sessions
  • Weekly Action steps after each call to keep you on track
  • Unlimited Email access to me during office hours (Monday 9am to 5pm GMT)
  • Action planner to keep you focused throughout our time of working together
  • Personalised resources such as a reading list, podcasts, articles etc. 



6 Month Coaching Program

  • Welcome & Orientation Pack
  • 2 x 90 minute intensives, the first to begin our coaching relationship so we can identify and map your lifestyle, financial & business goals for our time working together, and the second to close our time together 
  • 22, 60 minute Skype Sessions
  • Weekly Action steps after each call to keep you on track
  • Unlimited Email access to me during office hours (Monday 9am to 5pm GMT)
  • Action planner to keep you focused throughout our time of working together
  • Personalised resources such as a reading list, podcasts, articles etc. 

INVESTMENT IN FULL £8000 OR an initial payment of £3000, followed by 5  monthly payments of £1200


  1. I keep things simple. I practice a simple business structure myself so I know that it works. I believe in less is more. It is about staying in your zone of genius providing high quality and value. Focusing on a few things as opposed to everything.
  2. I have the experience. I have 15 years in Corporate where I negotiated contracts, led teams and projects. By the age of 28 I was a ‘6 figure problem solver’. During my transition from corporate I trained as a Yoga Teacher and certified as both a health coach and Divine Living Transformational Coach.  
  3. I value balance. It is not about working harder but smarter. Self-care, health and wellness is important and features in my life daily as does hard work, clear strategy and focused action. This is possible for you too.
  4. I am willing to go the distance. So that you can live a life that reflects your full potential. As an entrepreneur you will know that mindset is 80% of the work. I am not scared to go deep with you on any issue that could be holding you back from creating your ideal life or business.
  5. I make it my business to hire the best. I have my own coaches and to date have invested more than £30,000 in my own self-development journey over the last 3 years. My past and present coaches include Emily Williams, Megan Huber and Gina De Vee.  



“The three C’s in life:  Choice, Chance, Change.  You must make the choice, to take the chance, if you want anything in life to change.” Unknown


You can spend another month, 6 months or even a year spinning your wheels, trying to figure it out by yourself. Or you can make a decision to change how you show up as a woman in both your business and your life and get the help and attention that your business and legacy deserve.


Love Notes


Cindy is an amazing force of guidance and empowerment. I worked with Cindy at a crossroads in the beginning of my business. I knew I was ready for BIG things and I had many important decisions to make rather quickly. With her coaching, I was able to release decades worth of self limiting beliefs which allowed me to fully step into my power as a woman and as entrepreneur. I was able to make important decisions that propelled my business towards the direction of growth. Cindy came from a corporate background and fully understood my mission and drive to pursuing a meaningful and successful career. She is an incredibly gifted coach, and I am so thankful for her guidance and support. I highly recommend working with her!
— Kim De Los Reyes, Success and Business Coach New York City
I reached out to Cindy whilst doing some groundwork in terms of future business ideas. I was a little bit unclear on the direction I was going to pursue and nothing had really been started as yet. The session delivered a lot of value and I appreciated the way Cindy sought context without getting too stuck in the details. She was super efficient and helped me with strategies to tackle my biggest hurdles, all the while being reassuring, friendly, professional and resourceful. I walked away from our very first session with a lot more clarity on the path ahead. It is great to come away from a session feeling confident and also that someone believed in me and that I could do this!
— Sian Cannell, Cape Town
I think with a business or thinking of starting one, you have a million ideas in your head. I certainly did and do! Having a coach like Cindy helps you make sense of them and gets you to see the potential in the more important ones. Then she gets to work focusing on your needs and helps you see what you can truly do and achieve and has a calming influence. It’s always good to bounce things back with a great listening Coach like Cindy and then you have the wonderful advantage of really taking things to the next level that you would never have achieved and even possibly let you go down a different path that you would never have thought of.
— Simonette Harris, London
Emotional intelligence, empathy and a real touch of sincerity make Cindy a great life/career coach. She has provided an excellent insight to help me understand my own behaviours and drivers and how those have shaped my career to date. She has provided me great feedback, resources and a solid action plan to align myself with my goals and aspirations. She is a natural, a great human being and I highly recommend working with her
— Sam Walters, London
I’ve only had one coaching session with Cindy so far - but it was EXACTLY what I needed to give me the confidence to start investing in ME again. After becoming a mum I lost all faith in myself as a career woman - even though I’ve always been successful and ambitious. I was struggling to motivate myself and was stuck in a cycle of negative thoughts. Cindy helped me to recognise that, on the contrary, I was already achieving great things every day. She also suggested daily mantras and routines to help keep myself buoyant and positive. Since speaking to Cindy I’ve lined up lots more work and new opportunities. My mindset is no longer “can I do this?” but “of course I can do this!” Thank you Cindy. Everyone needs a Cindy in their lives!
— Charlie O’Brien - Presenter, vlogger and mum
In short, Cindy has helped me change my life for the better. As a first time mum returning to work, I felt a little overwhelmed to say the least. Cindy helped me focus on the bigger picture, align my goals and take the steps towards achieving them. Sometimes the things you need to do are right before your eyes but you just need the clarity to see them. Cindy’s calming and compassionate nature helped me to open up to the real obstacles in my life. She asks the key questions necessary to break some very old barriers. At times, I felt that I nothing more to discuss with Cindy’s gentle probing, she proved me wrong and before long we were tackling some very important issues. She didn’t stop there and has even had a huge impact on my husband’s lifestyle too (who was adamant he didn’t “do” coaching!). I can’t recommend her enough.
— Melinda Ayoubi
From the very first session working with Cindy has been a rewarding and enjoyable experience, helping me to re-evaluate what is important in life and how to move forward in achieving my goals. It is so easy to become stuck in a rut and even if we are aware that it is happening, it is not always clear why... Cindy is able to really get to the heart of the issue and to recommend achievable, positive actions to help move forward, all delivered in her trademark calm and positive way. Before I knew it I had committed to new behaviors and to following a healthier lifestyle, which little by little have made a big difference. I was definitely surprised by how much I enjoyed our sessions -  hearing about her own life lessons and experiences made her guidance more relevant. In short if you are ever wavering about whether a life coach is what you need, just try a session with Cindy and you will wonder how you ever managed without!
— Caroline Williams, London
Cindy’s coaching has been extremely useful for giving me a different way of thinking and approaching work and my personal life. Her coaching has taught me how to use the qualities that I already possess in order to work through my issues and to think more strategically about my life choices. Because of this I have become a more positive person, I feel empowered to confidently make big decisions in both my work and my personal life, and I am happier with myself.
— Chris Mortin, Wigan
Cindy is empathetic, a great listener and made me feel at east without being judgmental. As a crossroads in my life, Cindy helped guide me towards being a happier and more confident version of myself. A mixture of changes incorporated into my daily routine along with formulating my own changes whilst helping to keep me focused and showing positivity and a caring nature throughout. It’s like I had all the jigsaw pieces and Cindy helped provide me with the vision to work towards the end puzzle by guiding me piece by piece … Leaving me with the confidence to attempt the next puzzle on my own.
— Edel Mather, Luton, England